Hitch Rocks



Hitch is an Enigma
The man is full of mystery and contradiction.
Why would you want to turn your back on a nice career and a safe, harmonious life to delve instead into the shark infested world of the music business?

Hitch is a Dreamer
He had a dream to be a Rock singer and decided at a fairly late stage in life to realise that dream.
The dream is taking shape unquestionably and emphatically.

Hitch is a Rocker
“I love Rock music, Classic Rock to Industrial."
"I grew up with all the Seventies stuff and I am just as enamoured with the modern Rock bands of this generation."
His enthusiasm for the genre is infectious.

Hitch has Balls
“Music belongs to the people, we need to take it back”
Hitch storms, “If there is enough of us, a nation of us, we can at least give it a good go”
Naive? Maybe. Impossible? You tell him!
This is man who has spent his life proving people wrong.

"Love him - hate him - you can’t ignore him"
Gary Bushell



As a young teenager I saw this advert for a new film The Hitcher.

I thought that the long leather jacket was the coolest thing I had ever seen.

I wanted a jacket and to look as cool.

Finally I got one in my 40s!

When I started performing I needed a cool image.

Look no further.

Image based on the film.

Name born out of the film name shortened from The Hitcher to Hitch.



Hitch was not born.

He was actually created as part of a pharmaceutical experiment that took many years of trial and effort.

White Lightening, A Dose of Kratom. Kryptonite.

Blended together in the bowls of a major drug company.

A true super hero was created.

But Hitch was created angry.

Very angry.

How can we have lived on this planet for so many years and we still get it so wrong.

Every day, in every way.

Hitch reflects on this with emotionally charged lyrics.

He writes music that is heavy as fuck.

But lifted by melodic synths and operatic overtures.

The result?

Music that touches your soul.


He will mind fuck you.


You Decide.



Merlin's Haven Dog Rescue Cyprus

50% of all sales for Hitch’s Music will be donated to Merlin’s Haven
to build and run the interim home the dog’s and puppies need.
So, I hope that not only will you enjoy the music,
but you will also help find forever homes for
some lovely dogs, cats and other animals.

Hitch’s Chosen Charity


Merlin’s Haven is a small farm run by Lynn Morris and her team. It is home to up to 30 stray, unwanted, abandoned and abused dogs and puppies in Cyprus. The aim of Merlin’s Haven is to provide a safe place for dogs to stay while their forever homes are found. The majority of forever homes tend to be outside of Cyprus.

Merlin’s Haven is named after a Cyprus rescue dog called Merlin who came into the life of Lynn and her husband Hitch in June 2016 – the day after they had had to put one of their dogs, Bella, down due to ill health. Lynn answered an emergency foster request on FB the day after the death of Bella and Lynn believes he was sent by Bella as she knew straightaway there was something special about him.
It was not long before he went from foster to being a permanent member of the home pack, we have 7 permanent dogs and normally two or three foster dogs. pack. Merlin, tragically died in an accident in 2017 and he is sorely missed. Merlin, like many of the Cyprus dogs, had a fantastic loving character and was very special and generated a lot of love and happiness.

After the death of Merlin in August 2017, Lynn wanted to do something to keep Merlin’s memory alive and Merlin’s Haven was born. Since moving to Cyprus in 2016, Lynn has helped over 300 stray dogs find their forever homes with the help of Mary-Kate Ingram based in the UK and a number of other partners who help with finding dogs their forever homes.

Merlin’s Haven has grown and in addition to the dog rescue also provides a home for 35 rescue cats, 2 pigs one a rescue, and 9 horses and ponies.


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